Dooley Guitars New Lutherie Blog - 1923 Gibson Mando

 Welcome to Dooley Guitars new blog!


This blog exists to give information about Dooley Guitars LLC and owner/luthier Shane Dooley. I'll post periodic pictures of some interesting jobs I run into here as well. Dooley Guitars is located inside of Guitars Etc at 460 main street in Longmont, CO. Contact me at
1923 Gibson Mandolin with custom ebony bridge

I just hit the three year mark for my business up here in Longmont in April and I thought maybe its time to have a blog. So here it is! I'll post interesting repairs and instruments that come through for anyone interested in Lutherie. The above 1923 Gibson Mando came in a few months ago and needed a new bridge to bring the action where it needed to be. The original bridge was a solid piece of ebony and therefore non adjustable. I fabricated this bridge to match the original as much as possible and now this little beauty really sings! Seriously one of the best sounding mandolins I've ever played. Coming from these great old pieces, how did Gibson go so terribly wrong in the latter part of the century? 

Thanks for checking the blog out. I'll post more soon.

Shane Dooley